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Investment guide - where are Turks investing?

Misguided foreigners invest in western suburbs - Pera Property gives you the Turkish insight to investing in Istanbul

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Vacation homes in istanbul

Pera's experienced Turkish - British consultants give you the lowdown on what neighbourhoods are suitable for holiday homes in Istanbul.

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Bosphorus view homes

Bosphorus view homes are the most expensive in the world - view Pera's full range of Bosphorus view apartments and mansions

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About Pera

Pera employs British-Turkish experts, people that live and breathe Istanbul

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A Guide to Balat

  Balat a neighbourhood with exceptional history in Istanbul. It is als...

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The legend of Hezarfen

History records the famous American Wright brothers as the first to fly. Turkis...

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A Guide to Bomonti

Sisli – the heart of Istanbul. Home to world famous brands, his...

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Five Historical Istanbul buildings with impressive stories

  Getting lost in the streets of Istanbul is one of the most enjoyable act...

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