Baghdad Avenue - what's the fuss?

Baghdad Avenue - what's the fuss?

Baghdad Avenue is known as the Anatolian side of Istanbul's premium avenue. In Istanbul, locals quip that Istanbul has two "Avenues" - Istiklal (Taksim) and Baghdad. Baghdad, however, is known as the most superior in terms of the surrounding residential neighbourhood.

The Avenue stretches from Kadikoy all the way to Pendik, however the most famous part of the avenue is the portion between Goztepe and Bostanci. This is where the vast majority of the branded stores, restaurants, and cafes are situated.

Ottoman history

The road goes back in history as the one used by the Ottomans to go to Baghdad, hence the name! The avenue is made up of two primary regions: Suadiye and Caddebostan. Throughout the avenue, its possible to see all major brands, with stores known as landmark stores: Zara, Louis Vuitton, Barbour, Tommy Hillfiger, and the famous Turkish brands, Vakko and Beymen. Intermixed with these are dozens of other boutique stores, and a few major chain stores such as Boyner and Marks and Spencers.

Both regions are also home to fantastic cafes, and restaurants, such as Polonezkoy, Midpoint, Divan, Kirinti, and of course every chain of coffee one could ever need.

Budgets can vary

Apartment budget varies on location. Residents located on the coastal side of the avenue can be super expensive, and tend to be exceptionally luxurious. Throw in a sea view, and the typical Three bed apartment with a sea view can cost upwards of 3 million Turkish Lira. The northern side of the avenue gives better value for money, where a decent three bed can cost from 1.2 million Turkish Lira and upwards.

Suadiye and Caddebostan

Suadiye has a lovely street that starts from the Avenue and stretches down to the coast, culminating at the famous Suadiye hotel. From here, locals take advantage of the coastal park, with cycle routes, picnic areas, and child parks. 

Caddebostan ends in a similar long street, again lined with branded restaurants and cafes, and again culminating with the sea front and coastal park. This region is especially lively in the long summer evenings.

The Prince's islands

The islands are the piece de resistance of Bagdad Avenue. The cluster of islands of outstanding natural beauty sit a few kilometres off the coast, twinkling back at Istanbul. Night time views are as beautiful as daytime views, and are simply dazzling. High rise apartments enjoy this view, probably the best view after the Bosphorous in Istanbul.

Compound vs normal building

Most apartments are situated within normal buildings with little to no facilities. Compounds with facilities are a rarity, and hence come at a slight premium of 15-20% above the normal buildings.

Transport is exceptionally easy

Bagdat Avenue is connected to all parts of Istanbul and to all parts of Turkey via the Marmaray train and High speed railway network. From Suadiye, Erenkoy, or Goztepe train station, locals can travel to the old city, without changing, within 15 minutes. Taksim takes around 30 minutes, and Nisantasi is just 35 minutes from this region. The high speed train line is available at Bostanci station, taking locals to Eskisehir, Ankara, Konya, and even into western Europe via the ultra modern tunnels that run under the Bosphorous.

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Family complex in elite part of Kadikoy with full sea views

İstanbul / Anatolian side

Bedrooms: 3 / sqm: 110 sqm

TL 858,142

Detailed Review

Huge residence in Kadikoy - stunning sea and islands views

İstanbul / Anatolian side

Bedrooms: 3 / sqm: 125 sqm

TL 1,150,000

Detailed Review

Residence in Kadikoy with sea and islands views

İstanbul / Anatolian side

Bedrooms: 3 / sqm: 115 sqm

TL 990,000

Detailed Review

Sea views boutique residence in Kadikoy

İstanbul / Anatolian side

Bedrooms: 3 / sqm: 130 sqm

TL 1,700,000

Detailed Review