Bosphorus sea view apartments and villas in Istanbul

Bosphorus sea view apartments and villas in Istanbul

Our Bosphorus sea view options are unrivalled in the market - Pera Property keeps the widest range of Bosphorus sea view options in Istanbul. Primarily second hand apartments, many foreigners expect these to be cheap, brand new, and readily available. The reality is quite different.

  • Most Bosphorus front stock is from the 60s and 70s;
  • Owners rarely want to sell, hence decent options are few, yet demand far outstrips supply;
  • This imbalance results in uber expensive homes;
  • Like for like replacement “regeneration” is incredibly bureaucratic in the Bosphorus zone;
  • The most expensive apartments are located in Besiktas, and between the two Bridges (Arnavutkoy, Bebek etc);
  • Brand new options are offered in the North, in the district of Sariyer.

Expect to pay in excess of 1M Dollars for a simple apartment with a Bosphorus view, on an apartment block built in the 60s and 70s. Brand new options can cost anywhere from 1,5M Dollars to 10M Dollars.

Traditional Bosphorus front apartments (Yali) can cost in excess of 2M dollars, and run into the 10Ms of dollars for the well maintained options.

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