Golden Horn regeneration zone

Golden Horn regeneration zone

Faced with dangerous old stock, this zone is in desperate need of modernisation. Despite being within 15 minutes of Taksim, Sisli, and Sultanahmet, the region has been plagued by extremely low quality construction. The region attracted low income families, due to its steep hills, and stench from the poorly maintained sewage and Halic River. The government stepped in, first bringing modern sewers and water cleansing in the 90s, and regular river dredging - Today the Halic is entering a new age, with plans to restore it to its former glory currently underway:

  • River banks are converted into modern parks;

  • The Unkapani bridge is taken underground by STFA group at a cost of 600 Million Dollars, improving the river flow;

  • A tramway following the river bank is currently under construction by Dogus group at a cost of 200 million dollars - linking the region to the historical peninsula;

  • The M7 metro line is almost complete, linking the region to the business district at a cost of 700 million dollars;

  • A north south Metro line will link the region to Istanbul University at an expected cost of 500 million dollars by 2020.

Regeneration in this area is concentrated on the residential, with commercial aspects restricted to malls and stores. The focus is on traditional town centres, and the regions closest to the Halic River, taking over multiple old buildings and combining these into one large parcel - this allows the creation of large scale, modern 5 star complexes. In exchange for lucrative tenders, the government expect builders to provide community facilities - large mosques, high schools, family friendly parks, Sport facilities, and medical centres