Istanbul's new financial district is coming to Atasehir

Istanbul's new financial district is coming to Atasehir

Istanbul's new financial district is an essential part of Turkey's booming financial sector. Construction started in 2012 and has continued at rapid pace since. It is now reaching a culmination, with completion expected in 2022.

Home to all Turkish banks and supervisory bodies

All of Turkey's big banks have an obligation to move to the new district when it opens. It will be a major undertaking, almost as big as the move of the old airport to the new.  Turkey's central bank (TCMB) will move as well as supervisory bodies, SPK and BDDK. These are responsible for ensuring regulation is adhered to across the financial sector.

The aim of the new district is to become the financial hub of Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Only Dubai can currently compete with Istanbul's new district, but with Istanbul's geographical advantage, Istanbul could surpass and match London, Hong Kong, and New York in the future. Halk Bank, Ziraat Bank, Vakif Bank and Is Bank will all have major Headquarters within the district.

Transportation infrastructure is seeing heavy investment

A new metro line is under construction which is badly needed. Atasehir already has a booming population, having become one of Istanbul's most desirable districts already. With a further 100,000 plus population to be added, a new metro line is badly needed. The M12 metro line construction started in 2016 and is expected to open at the same time as the new district.

Already surrounded by major highways, road transportation is excellent into the region. The TEM highway and the link road for the 1st and 2nd bridges all converge at Atasehir.

Istanbul's largest mall opens in 2019

Atasehir is already an idyllic neighbourhood, providing secure residences to the middle classes. Schools, hospitals, colleges and universities are heavily represented in the region, with high demand for private services. The Water garden complex opened in 2018 providing an oasis amongst the skyscrapers of Atasehir.

In 2019, the largest mall of Istanbul, Metropol, will open its doors. This much anticipated project has taken over 5 years to complete, and also boasts Istanbul's second largest skyscraper, and is home to a Fenerbahce University campus, and 5 star office space.

Hotels already serve the region with the likes of Sheraton and Radisson Blu opening over the last few years. Ulker Sports Arena is home to Turkey's most successful basketball team, Fenerbahce. Nezahat Botanic garden is a delightful natural habitat serving residents with much needed clean air