Media Highway District will be Istanbul's new center!

Media Highway District will be Istanbul's new center!

In the rapidly developing Istanbul real estate market, the most important areas of the European side surround the Media Highway, locally known as "Basin Expres".

Media Highway is designated as a Prestige Service and Central Business Area in the Istanbul Strategic Plan prepared by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The ambition of the municipality is to push the region as the most prestigious office district of Istanbul in the near future, ahead of Sisli - Levent.

The Media Highway is made up of three districts, Bagcilar, Bahcelievler, and Kucukcekmece. Bagcilar and Kucukcekmece have advanced incredibly over the last ten years. Kucukcekmece, more specifically the Atakent region, is now one of the best organised and desirable quarters of Istanbul. With ultra modern hospitals, large universities, and dozens of branded private colleges, it really is an excellent place to live for families.

Bagcilar has also advanced, with several 5 star hotels and malls serving the area, and dozens of private residential complexes now completing. 

Bahcesehir has lagged behind but is now rapidly catching up.

Media Highway's past as the factory and warehouse region of Istanbul, has allowed for transformation on a large scale. Whilst other regions of Istanbul have replaced old buildings like for like, Media HIghway's large plots allow for mega projects and tall towers to be built.

Media Highway has more than 30 residences, dozens of 5 star hotels and prestigious A+ class office investments taking the place of old industrial areas, allowing large-scale concept projects to pass through life. The region, which draws attention to the mega projects that will shape the future of Istanbul, is a junction point connecting the E-5, the TEM, and the coastal road. With its connection to the North Marmara Motorway, the Media Highway will also become one of the most accessible destinations in Istanbul with its metro and rail system investments.

Three metro lines totalling over 100km are also under construction, a public investment running into the billions. This will transform the area even further, as each line is expected to come into service in 2018, 2019, and the last in 2020. It will allow residents to get around the historic city without entering Istanbul's infamous traffic.

It is envisaged that the Media Highway, which has become the new meeting point of the business world by creating its own regional dynamics, will host the companies that need new offices in Istanbul and the developing companies of Anatolian Side.

Atatürk Airport will change the fate of the region

With Ataturk Airport being decommissioned in December 2018, the region will advance even further. With height restrictions due to the airport changing, taller skyscrapers are expected to dominate the skyline in the future. By 2023, the region is expected to rival Manhatten with the number of supertall skyscrapers.