Private High Schools In Istanbul

Private High Schools In Istanbul

Private schools in Istanbul have experienced a boom over the last five years, with well established schools expanding apace. Here we summarise the four top private schools in Istanbul.

Private Doha High Schools

Education is not only a process where knowledge is transmitted. It is an important phenomenon that affects the intellectual and social development of the student and shapes his personality. Individuals who are curious, discussing, questioning, problem solving, entrepreneurial, taking responsibility, developed thinking skills and capable of self-regulation cannot be raised only with models based on information transfer. Acting with this awareness for years, Doğa College develops students' leadership and management skills with t-MBA education and prepares them for world citizenship.

Istek Acıbadem Anatolian High School

ISTEK Acıbadem Anatolian High School; It prepares its students not only to a higher education institution but also to life with its fully student-centered, life-touching educational environments and programs and experienced staff.
Prep students with intensive English language tuition take part in the Trinity College London ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), an internationally recognized, certified placement test organized by Trinity College, London, based on a part of the tuition fee. From 10th grade in Turkey and are being studied for the TOEFL and IELTS English proficiency measurement used in the world.

Saint Benoît High School

Saint Benoît High School has been teaching French since September 1583, but the first traces of the education given to students date back to 1362. The building, which was first used by the Benedictine Priests, was later used by the Jesuit priests and was later transferred to the Lazarist Priests by the order of King XIV Louis. In 1880 the French Embassy became the first official owner of the buildings. In 1987, Saint Benoît High School girls and boys departments were merged. At that time, 1600 students were in high school. Saint Benoît services in Turkey and France, respecting their values and these values dear founder has maintained its mission of education and pedagogy by adapting to the needs of the modern era continue in an active way today. Since 1988, Lazarists have transferred the administration of Saint Benoît High School to secularists.

FMV ISIK Schools

FMV ISIK High School Education Model; The individual learning styles of the students are determined and the learning styles of the classes are determined and the lessons are applied in a student-centered manner. The Mentor Teaching System and each student has a mentor teacher. An integrated understanding of education and a strong foreign language education in the world (FMV Işık Schools High Schools aim to reach students from the European Union Language Framework Program (CEFR) language level C1 to 12th grade. Students are given technological lessons with a tablet-supported education model. Various clubs, especially the club preparing for the International Science Olympics (Physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, computers). Project-based courses to be applied in laboratories. Obligation of each student to make a project; TÜBİTAK participated in many national and international competitions with these projects. YKS preparatory works for students who are aiming to study at university in Turkey from the 11th grade. Overseas university advisory service for students aiming to study abroad. In line with the wide range of sporting, artistic and social opportunities, the students are not only academically; physical, emotional and social development.