Turkish citizen by property investment - a full guide

Turkish citizen by property investment - a full guide

Become a full Turkish citizen and obtain a Turkish passport by investing in Turkish property. Here is your complete guide to the process.

Pera Property's experienced team of experts and legal team have studied the process in detail. We now offer a fully packaged service including all aspects of the process, and ancillary processes required to obtain citizenship. Our after sales service continues with full management of the investments as per the investor’s requirements.

Conditions to be met by the property(ies)

  1. The assets to be purchased must exceed $250,000.
  2. The assets need not be fully completed but must have a condominium title (either Kat Mulkiyet or Kat Irtifak)
  3. The assets can be one or more property, and need not be within the same complex or compound.
  4. The assets value must be confirmed by a surveyor registered with the authorities (SPK). For this reason, we recommend a minimum total investment of $265,000 to $270,000. 
  5. The property(ies) cannot be sold for at least three years - a charge is applied to the title(s).

Enjoy a hassle free process with Pera Property

  1. We obtain your tax number, and open a bank account for you.
  2. Find the property (ies) that meets the requirements
  3. Arrange for an official survey confirming the property valuation (SPK)
  4. We apply for residency – a requirement for the citizenship process
  5. Apply for Turkish citizenship with one of our recommended solicitors

Documents required for your application

  1. Application form
  2. Valid Passport
  3. 4 passport sized photos
  4. Residence permit
  5. Turkish tax number
  6. Marital certificate if applicable
  7. Confirmation from the spouse if the children under 18 are to be included
  8. Birth certificates and passport of all applicants to be included
  9. Receipt showing payment of the application fee
  10. Title deed of the property (ies).
  11. Appraisal reports

Pera Property provides full guidance and assistance throughout the process, and we have teamed up with one of Istanbul’s most experienced legal partnerships. Experience is the key to ensure a smooth process.

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship

  • The applicant’s partner is also eligible, along with children under the age of 18.
  • New citizens are not required to live in the country.
  • New citizens are not required to take any kind of language test.
  • Turkish citizenship grants access to 110 countries and is able to access the Schengen zone with relative ease.
  • Turkish citizens can apply for a special UK business visa via the Ankara agreement

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the surveyor’s role and what is an appraisal report?

The surveyor provides a report which must match or exceed the purchase price of the property. This is to ensure that the buyer and seller are carrying out a transaction in good faith. The ministry of urbanisation then verifies this report and confirms the value and purchase price. Pera Property protects its clients by ensuring that the purchase price is not paid to the seller before the completion of the report.

Q: Can I multiple properties or is it just one?

Multiple properties can be purchased provided they exceed $250,000.

Q: I bought a property in Turkey before the change in law, does it qualify?

Property transactions can now be backdated to 2017 provided all relevant payment receipts can be provided.

Q: I bought property on instalments but did not register the title until after the new law, does it qualify?

It can qualify subject to the ministry approval, and assuming you can provide all the backdated receipts for every single payment.

Q: What conditions apply to the exchange rate between Dollars and Lira?

At the date of transfer of the Tapu (Title deed) to the buyer, the office takes the official rate from the Central bank of Turkey website.

Q: Is a criminal check required?

The ministry reserves the right to carry out a security check to ensure the applicant poses no threat to the Turkish public or national security.

Q: Does the property have to be residential or does commercial qualify?

Commercial property can be used as part of the application process.

Q: Can I buy property with rental guarantee?

Pera Property strongly recommends not buying property with rental guarantees. Rental guarantees are usually built in to the price of the property and hence there is a strong risk that the appraisal report will not match up with the price paid.

Q: Do I need to be in Turkey for the process?

We recommend that you visit at least once to inspect the property, make a selection, and sign contracts. During this visit, you can provide Pera Property with a specific power of attorney to ensure we can take of the process for you. The process can be long winded and involve a lot of leg work at offices, hence we recommend this is left to professionals like us.

Q: How long does this process take?

The granting of the citizenship takes between four and six weeks once all documents have been submitted to the authorities

Q: Does Turkey allow for dual nationality?

Yes, new citizens do not need to give up their nationality, provided the original country also allows for dual nationality.

Q: Will I or my children have to complete military service in Turkey?

Children under 18 will need to complete military service in Turkey as a Turkish national. However as a dual national, they qualify for exception, and can pay a fee instead of the military service. The fee in 2019 is 2,000 Euros.

Q: Can my parents obtain citizenship through my purchase?

No, they must make their own individual purchase.

Q: My child is over 18, can they take citizenship through my purchase?

No, they must make their own individual purchase.

Q: Do I need to learn the language or take any test/interview?


Q: As a new citizen can I work in Turkey or open a business?

Yes. As part of the application, you also are required to take a residence permit, which gives you the immediate right of employment in Turkey.

Q: I have a friend in Turkey, can he/she do the process for me? 

Provided your friend is a qualified lawyer and registered with the Turkish Bar association, he/she can indeed complete the process for you. The Turkish immigration department only allows official business to be conducted by the applicant, or by an appointed lawyer who is registered with the Turkish Bar association.

Q: What's the detail behind the Ankara agreement with the UK?

Turkish citizens have access to a business visa to the UK, which was agreement decades ago under an EU agreement known as the Ankara agreement. This means Turkish citizens can apply for a UK business visa, provided they can prove that they have the funds to set up a business in the UK. As a UK based company, Pera Property can provide detailed advice on this process.

Q: I have a Travel document but no passport, can I qualify?