Visas and residency for Turkey

Currently, tourists can obtain 90 day visas, allowing foreigners to stay for 90 days within a 180 day period. The law now allows owners of Turkish property to have residency status, ensuring you can use your property without restriction.

This is called residency. Residency can only be applied for on completed property, where title has been transferred to the owners. The names listed on the title and their immediate family i.e. children, are eligible for residency.

Other than staying in Turkey without restrictions, and not waiting in the line for a tourist visa, this residency does not confer any other status. It does not make the individual a citizen, or make owners eligible for Turkish citizenship.

Applications can be made online, however we strongly recommend using one of our solicitors. Our solicitors have decades of experience, and can do the procedure with their eyes closed. Shopping around for a cheap deal may be ideal when buying a laptop, but legal work in Turkey is tricky, hence using an experienced solicitor is important. Cost is in the region of $1,000, hence unless you plan to stay longer than 90 days in Turkey, then a tourist visa will meet the needs of most people.

Your permit will last for one year, and must be renewed annually. More information on applying can be found at

Golden visa

In January 2017, the Turkish government launched the golden visa – in exchange for a one million dollar investment in Turkey after January 2017, individuals are entitled to Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport.

The investor must buy completed property and title must be transferred into the investor’s name to be eligible. The funds must come from outside of Turkey, and ownership of property prior to 2017 is cannot form part of the one million dollars.

The property must be kept for a minimum of three years – the government applies a lien on the title to prevent a sale. Property must be purchased in full cash – property purchased with a payment plan will not be eligible.