Who can own property in Turkey?

Whilst most nationalities could own real estate in Turkey, the reciprocity principle (If Turks can buy in your country, you can buy in Turkey) still restricted some nationalities from buying in Turkey. This was recently lifted ensuring all nationalities bar a few can now own in Turkey.

Some restrictions still remain, for example:

  • Foreigners cannot buy land exceeding a certain size, which varies from city to city;

  • Foreigners cannot buy property where military restrictions apply.

In the latter case, when buying on apartment complexes, you need not worry about this. Most developers will ensure that foreigners can buy on their complex. In the past, military clearance used to take many months, but this changed a few years ago. The government now apply a principle of, if there is existing foreign ownership on the same parcel, then new permission need not be applied for.

This matter is complicated on resale or one off purchases, like villas, or second hand apartments in unique areas like the Bosphorus. These tend to not have had a foreigner on the same parcel, hence permission must be obtained.

Not to worry though, as Pera Property, our experience ensures a hassle free application process.