A historical mansion with exceptional views in Beyoglu

$ 6381050

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  • Fully renewed historic mansion in world-famous Beyoglu.
  • Full privacy assured surrounded by walls and a mature garden.
  • Classical architecture with historic interior design.
  • Walking distance to all kinds of needs, hospitals, universities, cafes, hotels, theaters, etc..
  • Enjoys views over the Bosphorous and the historic old city, yet full privacy is assured.
  • Heritage views over the historic elements of the old city - the Bosphorous, Historic peninsula, Topkapi Palace, Sultanahmet Mosque, and the Hagia Sophia...
  • Historic Beyoğlu - a bohemian place of old-world charm, cultural riches, and inspiring boutiques.

About this project

This exquisite historic mansion is estimated to have been built in the late 1800s. The mansion has 6 bedrooms and all of them with en suite bathrooms. It has a 50 m² cellar area, 80 m² garden area, 170 m² ground floor, 320 m² spread over other floors, and a 38 m² terrace area. The total approximate interior space is 668 m².

The mansion is of course Grade II listed and has been delightfully maintained over the last two centuries. The mansion is a landmark at the heart of Istanbul's historic Beyoglu district.

This luxury interior has been maintained to its original standard as much as possible. A few contemporary touches are added by way of high-end furniture. Antiques and historic artwork are kept throughout the property. A courtyard boasts plenty of green space for outdoor entertainment.

This is a distinguished home, used by many for important events, such as weddings, engagements, and many other uses.

The mansion views Istanbul’s iconic historical landmarks such as the Golden Horn, Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Sultanahmet, and more. The views can be even be enjoyed from the bathroom.

A view from the top floor includes the Bosphorus in the distance; in the foreground are some of the city’s most elegant homes, hidden by layers of civilizations that have made their mark over the centuries: the Byzantines, the Greeks, the Genoese, the Ottomans, as well the French, English, and Italians who lived in the area.

Beyoğlu, where the historic mansion locates, is in the heart of Istanbul. It is within walking distance or a short drive of many art galleries, museums, independent brand shops. The world-famous Istiklal and Taksim Square are a short walk away.

Facilities Breakdown

  • Ornamental fountains
  • 24 7 security
  • Private garden
  • Guest bedrooms

Payment Plan

This product is available as full payment in cash only, with short term payment plans by negotiation only.


  • Istanbul Airport 45 mins
  • Demiroren Mall 5 mins
  • Private Austria Sen Jori Hospital 3 mins
  • Taksim 1 min
  • Sultanahmet 5 mins
  • Galataport 4 mins
  • M2 metro line (Sishane stop) 3 mins
  • Coast 3 mins

Regional information

Beyoglu, the soul of Istanbul, encompassing Taksim, the balcony of the Bosphorus. Where history is made, where legends were born, Beyoglu has gone through hundreds of transitions.

Everyone knows Beyoglu, yet high quality modern housing is almost out of the question. Almost all of Beyoglu is protected by law, so finding residences like this one is a rarity - hence the pricing. Bringing you walking distance to all essential touristic parts of Istanbul. This is an investors dream, targeting the extremely dense tourist market. 

Investment information

Beyoglu provides outstanding investment potential of course. A bouyant short term rental market means the average return on investment is just 13 years, making rental income nearly 8% on average. Demand far outstrips supply due to the huge restrictions on construction in the area. With almost everything in the region having historic value, renovations or demolitions are exceptionally difficult. Most new stock is provided by the demolition of poorly built stock from the 70s, meaning any new stock is exceptionally expensive.

An investment in Beyoglu is pricey, yet one of the easiest to make in Istanbul. Selling on is quick and easy compared to other districts, with the region always in high demand.