Affordable family apartments in mega complex of Bahcesehir

$ 70763

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  • Family and Investor Concept     
  • Huge compound with facilities to match
  • Comfortable and well designed interiors
  • Peaceful lake and nature view
  • A family suburb of Istanbul
  • Tapu ready for transfer

About this project

Approximately 11 hectares of 168-acre Master Plan area has been divided as the first "Central Park" in Istanbul. It is  becoming the new center of attraction in the district of Bahcesehir,  for being adjacent to this area, its central location as well as providing sustainability and adequacy in itself.

Surrounded by lakes and verdure, the project has got wide green space as, taking you away from the heart of Istanbul, 83% green areas throughout the project.

This project is offered with an incredible 10 year payment plan, making it affordable for even the tightest of budgets. A deposit of 40-50% can secure this ready to use property, with Tapu available for immediate transfer.

This is a huge project built in several phases, with the final size being 308,000 square metres. 1500 units of mixed types, will see the construction of a new self sustaining town – a Mosque, a primary school, and a nursery are all part of the project.

Renewable energy is used, aimed at the creation of an environmentally friendly compound, with solar power installed on rooftops. This residential apartment complex in Istanbul will be kept secure as a gated community, with full camera and manned security

Facilities Breakdown

  • Lake
  • Restaurant
  • Café
  • Underground parking
  • 24 7 security
  • Walking parkour
  • Child play areas
  • Child swimming pool
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Tennis Court
  • Recreation areas

Price Range

Type Size (Min) Size (Max) Price (Min) Price (Max)
1+1 58 sqm 68 sqm $ 35924 $ 65572
2+1 100 sqm 117 sqm $ 54448 $ 80025
3+1 134 sqm 137 sqm $ 70763 $ 90706
4+1 150 sqm 170 sqm $ 87096 $ 130078

- Price ranges last updated 18/11/2018
- Prices are list prices and subject to discounts in accordance with the chosen payment plan and negotiation with the seller.

Payment Plan

This product is available as full payment in cash only, with short term payment plans by negotiation only.

Floor Types


  • AkBati Mall 5 mins
  • Bahcesehir Lake & Park 6 mins
  • E6 highway 2 mins
  • Taksim 50 mins
  • Ataturk airport 25 mins

Regional information

Bahcesehir, is famous for being Istanbul’s garden city, being along with the district of Atasehir which is considered the cleanest and most organised neighbourhood of Istanbul. Incorporated as an enclosed town for middle class professionals, it’s seeds can still be seen in the million dollar villa compounds, private hospitals, and huge Ak Bati Mall. Ak Bati mall has different brands that can be found  in elite Nisantasi. Bahcesehir Park is a real family heaven, with lake front restaurants and cafes providing peace and quiet. The construction of the E6 highway into the business district saw swathes of middle class Turks working in the city moving out to Bahcesehir, to give their families a relaxed and peaceful lifestyle away from the city centre.

Investment information

With Bahcesehir experiencing high demand from Turkish middle class families, it has since its inception, been the target of investment at the pre launch phase. Low prices meaning most Turks prefer to buy in Bahcesehir, making rental performance below the average for Istanbul. The smart investor purchased here at the pre launch phase, relying on the excellent reputation of the developer to perform, with government backing through the Emlak Konut governmental department.

Capital gain in the short term is expected with the third airport just 20 minutes away opening in 2019. In January 2017, the Istanbul municipality surprisingly tendered the extension of the Mahmutbey- Sisli-Besiktas metro line, meaning a fast city centre metro link is expected by 2020. A further tender is expected extending the essential Marmaray rail link into Sultanahmet. This investment in infrastructure by the government means demand in the region is expected to peak around 2020, with prices continuing to peak towards this date.

Developer Background

This is a government backed project – the land was in the government ownership, and then tendered to this developer. The developer has been building value for money family homes for over 15 years now, independently and on behalf of the government. With government projects, they have had to innovate, to provide environmentally friendly and energy efficient mega compounds. As a result, they have developed an excellent knowledge base, and will continue to be on favourable terms with the Turkish government as a result.