Family home with easy city centre and airport access

$ 375313

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  • A boutique family project in the middle of the forests
  • Family oriented facilities
  • Low-rise architecture in keeping with regional planning laws
  • Göktürk - a new investment town of the city
  • Clean green forest views
  • New metro line that connects the airport to the city centre stops in Gokturk

About this project

For those looking for a peaceful yet well connected suburb of Istanbul, look no further then Gokturk. Gokturk and Kemerburgaz are two towns in the forests of north Istanbul that are situated directly between the new airport and the city centre of Istanbul at Gayrettepe.

This residence project takes advantage of the new investments in the highway and metro line, providing high quality new homes in the delightful forests of Gokturk. With 146 homes and 10 commercial units, the complex suits investors and home seekers alike.

Social facilities are fully loaded, with a pool, Sauna and gym. All are generous in size and quality. Furthermore, thanks to the meeting room in the project, residences can continue working from home should the need arise.

Gokturk is ideally located for the new airport via the D020 highway giving drivers access within 20 minutes. The new metro (M11) connects the airport to the city centre at Gayrettepe, where it integrates to the M2 Taksim - Levent metro line. A major station is under construction in Gokturk, ensuring city centre access within 20 minutes - a major undertaking which will complete in early 2021.

Facilities Breakdown

  • Meeting rooms
  • Café
  • Sauna
  • Underground parking
  • Lobby
  • Gym
  • Child play areas
  • Outdoor swimming pool

Price Range

Type Size (Min) Size (Max) Price (Min) Price (Max)
1+1 96 sqm 96 sqm $ 148957 $ 148957
2+1 145 sqm 145 sqm $ 335884 $ 335884
3+1 163 sqm 163 sqm $ 375313 $ 375313
4+1 167 sqm 167 sqm $ 335884 $ 335884

- Price ranges last updated 27/03/2020
- Prices are list prices and subject to discounts in accordance with the chosen payment plan and negotiation with the seller.

Payment Plan

Months Deposit Discount
12 months 50% 0%
0 100% 15%


  • New Istanbul Airport 20 mins
  • Galatasaray FC Stadium 19 mins
  • Belgrad Forest 25 mins
  • Private Florenve Nightingale Hospital 4 mins
  • Private Doga Schools 2 mins
  • Istanbul Technical University 22 mins
  • Kanyon Mall 20 mins
  • Istinye Park Mall 21 mins

Regional information

Eyup, where a legend was born. Named after Abu Aytyub al-Ansari, or Eyup Sultan in Turkey, Eyup Sultan was one of the first to attempt to conquer Istanbul, coming exceptionally close to the old Byzance walls of Istanbul. Eyup Sultan's remains lie at the Eyup Sultan Mosque, built many centuries ago, it still stands today, and is a must see for any tourist to Istanbul.

The district of Eyup is huge, spanning from the historic walls of Istanbul, all the way to the Black Sea in the north. Hence the region varies hugely, from run down factories and warehouses, to modern and luxury apartment residences. The centrally located Dugmeciler neighbourhood is the most modernised, with other locations still suffering from emtpy warehouses and factories awaiting their fate. Eyup's conversion from industrial to residential will complete by 2023, at which point it will become one of Istanbul's most desirable districts.

Investment information

Eyup is traditionally Istanbul's workhorse, with factories and warehouses all over the region. Low quality housing stock rose to support this industry, and as a result Eyup has suffered. The government has already spent billions on converting the neighbourhood, having built major road tunnels and rail links. This will continue, with three rail lines currently under construction - the Golden horn tramline, the M7 metro to central Istanbul, and the Vezneciler metro, which will again link the region for a third time to the historic peninsula.

These investments bring with them private investment, and empty industrial estates are being bought up by the big developers of Istanbul. The key is to research these new transport corridors and be near these - this is what Turks will demand once Eyup completes is conversion from Industrial to residential neighbourhood by 2023.

Gokturk is also technically part of Eyup, but is incredibly wealthy. It is home to large mansions and as a result distorts the statistics for Eyup significantly. Hence Eyup shows a huge range of people from working class, to elite upper class, mega rich.