Huge compound just 15 mins from new airport - key ready

$ 119333

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  • Residence complex in the country side.
  • Just 15 mins from the new airport.
  • Created on land designated as a new town - Kayasehir.
  • Excellent modern access to city via metro.
  • Fantastic family orientated facilities.
  • Healthy oxygenated clean air away from the city.

About this project

Developed by one of Turkey's titans, on government land, and delivered with a government guarantee, this is the safest form of investment one can find in Istanbul.

A huge complex built in the countryside, with the region designated a new town, with a masterplan to create an idyllic neighbourhood. Primarily aimed at working class and white collar workers, the town is already mature, with many secure apartment complexes. This complex will top them all, delivered with a quality and faciities which the neighbours will envy.

Facilities are aimed at families, with outdoor pools, and plenty of child play areas, from the age of one up to their teen years, children of all ages are covered.

Adults are kept entertained with a proper gym, walking parkours, and of course plenty of restaurants and cafes.

Apartment interiors are finished to modern standards, with fitted kitchens, and larger apartments having en suite bathrooms.

The location is the edge of Basaksehir, and may feel isolated, yet the government provide full support with the nearest metro 5 minutes away, taking you to Atakoy and Bakirkoy in under 30 mins, or to Taksim within 45 mins.

The metro is currently being extended to the complex and is planned to finish by 2020, making this a very easy location to get to from all parts of the city.

The new airport is just 15 minutes away, so visiting your home after 2018 will be exceptionally easy.

Facilities Breakdown

  • Volleyball courts
  • Restaurant
  • Café
  • Basketball courts
  • Football courts
  • Sauna
  • Underground parking
  • 24 7 security
  • Gym
  • Walking parkour
  • Ornamental fountains
  • Child play areas
  • Indoor swimming pool

Price Range

Type Size (Min) Size (Max) Price (Min) Price (Max)
1+1 107 sqm 107 sqm $ 104855 $ 104855
2+1 135 sqm 149 sqm $ 119333 $ 147704
3+1 162 sqm 205 sqm $ 149020 $ 199181
4+1 200 sqm 226 sqm $ 171541 $ 223895

- Price ranges last updated 11/03/2019
- Prices are list prices and subject to discounts in accordance with the chosen payment plan and negotiation with the seller.

Payment Plan

Months Deposit Discount
0 100% 5%

Floor Types


  • Ataturk airport 30 mins
  • Olimpa mall 10 mins
  • Medipol private hospital 20 mins
  • Taksim 50 mins
  • Sultanahmet 60 mins
  • Olympic stadium 15 mins
  • Mall of Istanbul 10 mins
  • Metro station 5 mins
  • New airport 15 mins

Regional information

Basaksehir is a new part of Istanbul, created in part to take industry away from the Media Highway (to the south), and to create a new Olympic town for an (unsuccessful) Olympic bid. Today Basaksehir is a mixture of factories, warehouses, and residential regions, hence it is very important to purchase here with an experienced consultant. Some regions have heavy industry (just behind Mall of Istanbul) intermixed with very poor residential housing. Other areas have expensive high quality residential areas, unaffected by the industry. Hence foreigners will be confused if not guided carefully.

Investment information

Basaksehir's location within Istanbul is decent, sandwiched between the new and old airport. Hence much investment has taken place in anticipation of demand from the new airport, which opens in Q4 2018. A new metro line was completed many years ago, which links it to the airport metro, making it quite an easy location to get to. Further metro lines under construction will open by 2019-2020, and these will link the region to the city centre and the Atakoy / Bakirkoy coastline, and a fast train is due to open in 2020, giving high speed train access to Europe and to Anatolia.

The Başak neighbourhood of the district is it's wealthiest, and Bahcesehir to the west is actually linked to Basaksehir, distorting the statitics for the region to the positive. An investment in Basaksehir on average returns in 25 years, making it Istanbul's worst performing district.

Developer Background

The developer is a true giant of Turkey - a holding group with major assets in real estate, tourism and malls, the firm is a rock of Turkey. In operation for over 40 years, the group has delivered over 20,000 homes, with 5,000 of these in 2016 alone. With five hotels, and major malls amongst the assets of the group, and employing over 24,000 people in Turkey, this developer is about as safe an investment as you can find.