Live in the heart of Istanbul and walk to Taksim

$ 460523

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  • Mixed use boutique project consists of apartments, offices and commercial stores in Taksim
  • Residential style social facilities with a special app.
  • Modern architecture with high ceiling windows - blends with the local history.
  • Premium Location in Taksim, centre of Istanbul.
  • Historical peninsula views from top floors.
  • Walking distance to all kinds of needs, hospitals, universities, cafes, hotels, theaters etc..

About this project

This boutique project, consisting of a 9-storey single block on 7,000 sqm of land, has 20 commercial spaces that will bring together just 245 apartments, 15 offices and international tastes. In this project, where life will begin in September 2019, different types of options are offered such as garden floor, roof duplex with terrace and normal apartments.

The project is located just 500 steps from Istiklal Avenue, which has been the centre of attraction of Istanbul for hundreds of years with its magnificent structures, historical beauties, unique shopping options, cafes, entertainment and colourful social life. You can literally walk to the actual meeting point of Istanbul.

This project offers 24/7 concierge service, apartments with large glass facades extending from ceiling to floor, with a ceiling height of 3,15 m. Interiors can be designed according to your expectations and wishes with special material selections.

The facilities also include an indoor swimming pool, fitness room, games room, cinema room and a separate guest suite where you can host your guests.

If you wish you can rent easily with the Movesta App which is created by the developer, and you can enjoy Istanbul with your bicycle if you want your electric vehicle. With the private chauffeur rental option, you can safely provide the transportation between your children's schools and home, or you can make a comfortable trip wherever you want.

Located in a rapidly changing quarter of Beyoglu, the region is now home to fantastic developments, 5 star hotels, conference halls, and reclaimed land converted to parks. The region is quickly becoming the white collar professional area of choice. This ensures a decent rental and capital gain in the future.

Construction is well over 60% complete as of October 2018, ensuring the developer has built the most difficult part of the construction.

Facilities Breakdown

  • Guest bedrooms
  • Car rental
  • Indoor Cinema
  • Underground parking
  • 24 7 security
  • Gym

Price Range

Type Size (Min) Size (Max) Price (Min) Price (Max)
1+1 76 sqm 111 sqm $ 208493 $ 278091
2+1 115 sqm 220 sqm $ 324490 $ 428435
3+1 201 sqm 245 sqm $ 460523 $ 626534

- Price ranges last updated 01/04/2019
- Prices are list prices and subject to discounts in accordance with the chosen payment plan and negotiation with the seller.

Payment Plan

This product is available as full payment in cash only, with short term payment plans by negotiation only.


  • Ataturk airport 20 mins
  • Private Acıbadem Hopital 1 min
  • City's Mall 6 mins
  • Cevahir Mall 10 mins
  • Taksim Square 2 mins
  • Sultanahmet 8 mins
  • Grandbazaar 12 mins
  • Metro 2 mins
  • Piyalepaşa 5 mins
  • Bilgi University 1 min
  • Pera 1 min
  • Koç Museum 6 mins

Regional information

Beyoglu, the soul of Istanbul, encompassing Taksim, the balcony of the Bosphorus. Where history is made, where legends were born, Beyoglu has gone through hundreds of transitions.

Everyone knows Beyoglu, yet high quality modern housing is almost out of the question. Almost all of Beyoglu is protected by law, so finding residences like this one is a rarity - hence the pricing. Bringing you walking distance to all essential touristic parts of Istanbul. This is an investors dream, targeting the extremely dense tourist market. 

Investment information

Beyoglu provides outstanding investment potential of course. A bouyant short term rental market means the average return on investment is just 13 years, making rental income nearly 8% on average. Demand far outstrips supply due to the huge restrictions on construction in the area. With almost everything in the region having historic value, renovations or demolitions are exceptionally difficult. Most new stock is provided by the demolition of poorly built stock from the 70s, meaning any new stock is exceptionally expensive.

An investment in Beyoglu is pricey, yet one of the easiest to make in Istanbul. Selling on is quick and easy compared to other districts, with the region always in high demand.